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Can Cavities Grow Under Braces?

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Tooth cavities are a common problem many patients face worldwide. While there are plenty of treatments offered by dental practices, early diagnosis can save you from the severity of the problem. If you are a Greensboro resident and wonder if Greensboro dentistry has solutions for cavity problems, the answer is yes. A common misconception among some patients is that cavities may not grow under braces. Is it true? Let’s find out.

Cavities Under Braces: The Truth

Cavities can potentially develop under braces. Braces create additional challenges for oral hygiene because they create spaces where food particles and plaque can be trapped. Despite thorough cleaning efforts, some particles often remain in those spaces, increasing the likelihood of cavities. Before you schedule an appointment with a Greensboro dentist, here are some factors contributing to cavities under your braces.

Poor Cleaning Habits

Having braces can be challenging in terms of cleaning efforts. Your ordinary cleaning routine may not work well with braces. Dentists recommend special hygiene methods and practices to avoid cavity formation.

Risk of Plaque

Plaque is a film of bacteria that forms on your teeth due to improper hygiene. When you have braces, the chances of plaque automatically increase. It is a major factor leading to cavity formation under braces. Searching “find a pediatric dentist near me” can help you find reliable pediatric dental practices in your area. You can book an appointment for your kid to detect cavity issues at an early stage.

Diet Preferences

Patients with braces are advised to modify their diet in order to minimize the possibility of plaque. If your kid fails to keep up with the recommended diet, the risk of cavities may increase. Consult your child’s dentist for optimal solutions in this regard.

Book Your Appointment with Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry!

The above factors highlight the truth about cavity formation under braces. Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry can meet your demands if you need a reliable dental practice for your child’s dental care needs. Book your appointment today!

Posted on Feb 26, 2024
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