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Orthodontic Evaluation

An orthodontic evaluation here at Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry will allow Dr. Naomi Lane to evaluate the early development of your child’s teeth, bones, gum tissue, and muscles of the mouth. Receiving an orthodontic evaluation in early childhood can help to provide parents with the ability to make future plans for their child’s orthodontic needs.

When Kids Should Receive an Orthodontic Evaluation

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, kids should receive an orthodontic evaluation around the age of seven years old. Dr. Lane may suggest having one done earlier or later, depending on your child’s personal dental development. However, we generally agree that seven years of age is the best time for your child’s initial evaluation.

What to Expect During an Orthodontic Evaluation

During your child’s orthodontic evaluation, Dr. Lane will examine the relationship between your child’s teeth, the spacing of the teeth, and whether they are straight or have a tendency to lean forwards or backwards more than is normal. Dr. Lane will also make sure there’s enough available space in the mouth for the adult teeth to eventually grow into.

Once the evaluation has been performed, Dr. Lane will work closely with you and your child to devise a treatment plan that fits your goals, finances, and your child’s dental situation. It’s also completely possible to learn that no orthodontic treatment will be necessary at all!

Do Not Avoid Orthodontic Treatment

We know that orthodontic treatment can seem daunting and expensive. However, the life-long complications of avoiding any recommended orthodontic treatment will cause more problems in the long run. For example, crowded teeth are more difficult to floss, brush, and keep clean, which can lead to dental cavities, infections, and decay in the future. Additionally, your child’s speech patterns can be affected and so can his or her self-esteem. We can’t overstate the importance of being confident in your smile!

To make an appointment to receive an orthodontic evaluation in Greensboro, North Carolina, please contact Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry today.