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Orthodontics for Teens

The teen years are usually the best time for orthodontic treatment. This is mostly due to the way the teeth develop. While each child’s dental timetable will vary, it’s typical for all baby teeth to be gone and adult teeth to have grown in by the time your child is between the ages of 11 and 13. Because of this, the adolescent years are a great time to correct any orthodontic issues such as tooth spacing, crookedness, or irregular bite patterns.

As your child gets older, orthodontic issues will become more severe and possibly more expensive and difficult to treat. This is because the teeth and the bones of the jaw and face will begin to stabilize more and more each year, making them more difficult to shift into the proper positions.

Orthodontic Treatment for Your Teenager

The main question asked by our teenaged patients is how long they can expect to wear their braces. Typically, treatment can last anywhere between 6 and 30 months depending on the type of treatment you need and how vigilant you are about making your orthodontist appointments. During your orthodontic evaluation here at Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry, we will X-Ray the teeth and take impressions of the mouth. This information is what we’ll use to determine the type of treatment you need and the amount of time you’ll need it for. We want to work closely with our teenaged patients and their parents to make sure we create a treatment plan that goes along with your goals for your smile.

To set up a consultation for orthodontic treatment in Greensboro, North Carolina, please contact Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry today. We also see patients from the areas of Summerfield, and Oak Ridge; as well as the children living within neighborhoods like New & Old Irving Park, Forest Valley, Friendly Acres, and more.