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Fun Facts About Baby Teeth

Baby teeth

Baby teeth play an important role in a child’s early oral development, dental health, and overall well-being. This is why renowned Greensboro dentist, Dr. Naomi Lane, recommends regular dental checkups and shares some interesting, fun facts about baby teeth.

Fun Facts About Baby Teeth

  • Baby Teeth Can Have Cavities

Just like adult teeth, baby teeth can also get cavities, which is why it is important to promote good oral hygiene from an early stage and get regular checkups from your pediatric dentist.

  • Some Babies Have Extra Teeth

Some babies have extra teeth, known as supernumerary teeth, that can result in dental problems like crowding.

  • Baby Teeth May Have a Blue-Gray Tint

Sometimes, baby teeth may have a blue-gray tint, but this is completely normal. Any Greensboro dentist can confirm that this tint typically goes away with time as the teeth start to mature.

  • All Baby Teeth Come by Age 3

Most children will develop all their baby teeth by the young age of 3 years old.

  • Baby Teeth Are Smaller & Whiter

Compared to adults, baby teeth are typically smaller and whiter. They also have a much thinner enamel than adult teeth.

  • The Tooth Fairy Isn’t the Only Tradition

While the tooth fairy is quite popular, different cultures have different traditions when it comes to losing baby teeth. For example, some families throw the lost tooth on their roof for good luck.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about baby teeth!

If you have a newborn in your home, you should schedule their first appointment with a Greensboro dentist when they are 6 months old. This is when baby teeth start to appear.

We highly recommend an experienced pediatric dentist like Dr. Naomi Lane from ‘Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry’ in Greensboro, NC.

If you want to learn more fun facts about baby teeth or about the best Greensboro dentist, please visit our website today.

Posted on May 22, 2023
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