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Help Your Braces with Floss

A person flossing with braces

Brushing and flossing is an integral aspect of maintaining oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice daily, along with flossing, helps keep your teeth and in-between spaces clean and free from any food particles. Regular flossing reduces the risk of cavities and staining and prevents gum diseases, allowing you to maintain a healthy oral cavity.

While flossing is a critical element of good oral hygiene, its significance increases when you have braces, making it a key aspect of pediatric orthodontic care.

Why Flossing with Braces Is Important

Dental braces aid in aligning your smile and solve any other orthodontic concerns. However, the wires and brackets used to accomplish this goal can promote bacterial accumulation and can increase the risk of plaque and gum diseases.

Fortunately, flossing can help you fight bacterial accumulation around your braces and ensure a healthy oral cavity.

Regular flossing with braces can help children prevent gum disease and reduce the risk of cavities and tooth decay, allowing them to maintain a healthy oral cavity.

How Can You Floss with Braces?

Flossing can be tricky and time-consuming, but it can become more challenging with braces. However, once you get used to it, flossing doesn’t take much time and effort. Moreover, given the benefits of flossing, it’s totally worth it.

Here’s how to go about flossing your teeth with braces.  

  • Start by thoroughly brushing your teeth using a soft-bristled brush
  • Take an 18-inch-long piece of floss and wrap its ends around the index fingers of both your hands
  • Floss in between each of your teeth and also between the teeth and the wire
  • Make sure to clean the gum tissue and remove any food and bacteria accumulation that can lead to plaque formation

Maintain a Healthy Oral Cavity with Regular Flossing

If your child has dental braces, make sure they regularly brush and floss their teeth to avoid any other oral health concerns. But if your child has a Greensboro toothache, please reach out to Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry. Our Greensboro dentist would love to address all your pediatric Greensboro dentistry concerns.

Connect today to learn more.

Posted on Dec 25, 2023
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