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Managing Your Child’s Dental Fears

A young girl at the dental clinic holding a teddy bear

Children are in a constant phase of learning and development. Everything around them is new and surprising for them. From things as simple as a haircut to stray cats can scare them. Similarly, dental fears are real, especially among children. No matter how friendly a dentist is, some kids will display varying levels of anxiety while they are being treated.

Ways To Manage Dental Anxiety In Your Child:

1. Read Them Dental Storybooks

Kids connect with the characters that they watch and love. Bedtime stories or random narrations of dental events can help calm any fears that children might have. This method is unique and creative for tackling a common issue.

2. Take Them to a Greensboro Dentist While They Are Young

Starting dental visits while children are still in their younger years can make a lot of difference. As they get comfortable with the processes and dentists early on, they have less fear as they grow up and understand more about the treatments.

3. Get Them Dental Toys and Play ‘Dentist’

The best way to resonate with kids is to integrate playtime with their fears. If your child has dental anxiety and is scared of the Greensboro dentist, bring them dental kits as toys and play dentist with them so that they can get used to it in a fun way.

4. Teach Them about Oral Health

Teaching is an important part of the learning process. Start early and ensure you help them brush their teeth, and as they grow, instruct them to do so on their own. At the same time, teach them why brushing is important.

5. Lead by Example

If your child is hesitant, leading by example helps lessen their fears. As they witness their parents brushing, visiting the dentist, and taking care of their oral health, kids begin to follow their lead and become comfortable with the process.


There are numerous ways to help reduce dental fears and anxiety that a kid might have. You need to find the best way for your child and implement that.

For your kids dental treatment and to reduce their fears, get in touch with Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry today.

Posted on Jul 25, 2022
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